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What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Do our dreams really have meaning? There has always been debate in this area. But dreams have been interpreted since the dawn of humanity.  Many dreams have become famous. The Bible is full of dreams and dream interpretations. Jacob seeing the ladder, the dream of Joseph; seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. 

Dream interpretation can also be linked to numerology, the charting of important numbers in your life. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all had systems of arriving at number vibrations, which to this day are remarkably accurate. Everything in nature and reality is made of and responds to numbers.

Dream Interpretation

As you begin to look at your dreams, you will see elements appear that have a meaning to occurrences in your life and what they symbolize. There are a few general rules. The importance of the events is in relation to the impression of the dream by its omen. There are always many exceptions, sometimes the meaning is the opposite of the dream. So dreaming of death can mean rebirth or marriage. Also colors can have meanings. And the meanings can depend on the shade of the color.

Keeping A Dream Journal - Dream Analysis

For the process of dream analysis, you must record the dream so the first step will be to begin keeping a dream journal of your dreams. It is a nightly record of every dream you have and all of the characters, details, setting and actions that appear important. This journal is important, because dreams are meaningful only in relation to other dreams and in relation to what you know about yourself. You must look at all of your dreams as a whole. Take a look at our online dream dictionary to write down a particular dream meaning.

It may take awhile before you can put together pieces. Just as looking up a dream and seeing good fortune will need to be interpreted with other dreams for a week or more to find their true meaning. Have fun. You will enjoy the personal results that will come from finding the meanings to your dreams.